Thursday, July 30, 2009

Too many projects...

Dear Beans,

I'm pumped to start blogging with you! I hope people will find our puny little lives interesting. ;) I figured that maybe I could start off by sharing a little bit about what kind of projects I want to start. Being in a new home certainly presents plenty of opportunities for projects....

For starters, I have to make a new bedspread!! I want something modern, simple, but pretty. And, of course it can't be too girly or the bf won't be very appreciative. This is my stupid drawing of my idea.

Also, my furniture really needs some throw pillows. *GLORIOUS throw pillows!!* I have one that I keep bringing with me from couch to couch to chair, haha. I want something inspired by Nature-ology fabric, I think! :) One of my new fav's.

And of course, The Quilts. I've picked out a-jillion designs that I want to start on, but of course, I don't want to spend money on fabric right now. I do, however, have a great pile of Earth-tone fabrics that I need to find something to do with...

So, what do you think? Got any cool ideas for Earthy fabric?


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Post!

Coming Soon: Joint Blog about Knitting and Quilting written by two awesome sisters!