Friday, March 5, 2010

'Evening Beans,

I love the new fabric! I know what you mean about not wanting to cut into the kitty fabric. I immediately thought of a few patterns I've seen that feature prints or sections of them. Most are adaptations of the log cabin block, or just given wonky frames for a modern look.

This one gives the butterflies a central role, and in this one, some super-cute owls are pieced right into the strips of the block. I agree about the need for coordinating solids - those patterns are beautiful but probably need to be paired with something that gives your eyes a rest.
Now...a pattern for the other fabrics... maybe just square patches? Simple, but pleasing, I think. So many possibilities.

You don't know how excited I am that you're joining the dark side of sewing and fabric addiction.

Love you!

New Fabric!

This fabric isn't exactly new. I bought it a while ago, when JoAnn's was having a sale. I've started making plans for it, though, and I'm excited! 


This is the first bundle. I love the rich, bright colors and of course - the kitties!

Here are my two favorite designs in the bundle. I don't have the heart to slice up the cats, so I'm thinking I'm going to cut out different shaped pieces featuring all the different cats. I'll use the other fabrics to fill in the other bits between. They're very festive prints. I might get a few dark solids to help bring out the patterns.

•      •      •

Here is the second bundle. The tones are much more earthy, and the patterns are simple repetitions, so I don't feel so bad cutting into them.

Look how cute they are!

I can't wait to find a pattern to use them for.