Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some cutesy artwork

Hey Beans,

Finished up that Etsy-inspired mixed-media painting, and I thought I'd show it off for the world to see. Maybe it's a little corny. Clearly, it's a good thing I decided not to become a professional painter, since my rendition of John and I came out a little bit more Chimpanzee-like than I had originally imagined. Maybe we're the missing links. Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

Aren't we cute?
Love, Mooser

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ode to Les Fleurs

Hey Beans,

I've got a smidgeon of free time after my exam yesterday, so I've decided to post a tribute to the beautiful flowers that you and Mom got me as a house-warming gift in July. The hanging plants have been blooming aaalllll summer! And they're still going strong.
I don't know the name of the pink one, but I love it.
You'll notice that first one features an out-of-focus shot of the porch chairs that Mom and Dad garage sale'd for me!! Still need to be painted! Of course!

And just this week I got a huge amount of blossoms off of my interesting purple "mounding" plant! So I decided to make a mini-bouquet of them so I could trim back the bush before it gets really cold.
Too bad you can't smell them!

And finally, the promise of some sweet, September roses! I can't wait.... taking a picture almost feels like jynxing them. But, the weather has been warm and the rain is still coming in spurts, so I'm confident they'll make it.
Hooray for flowers!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Come out, come out, wherever you are!!


You've been eaten alive by the school whale. The good news is, so have I! Maybe we can hang out together in the gut of the whale, Finding Nemo style. Please tell me you are dreaming up fun projects despite the complete lack of time to be crafty. Mom mentioned you were moving into the house soon! I want pictures!!

I am submitting a picture of Concernicus. He is awesome, although now that he's getting stronger, he's getting a little more greedy about the food business. In this picture he looks a little evil, but he actually has a really sweet face. I want to get him a collar and tag so that everybody will know his name, but I don't think he'll let me put a collar on him.


Monday, August 24, 2009

My First Heather Ross


I bought tadpole fabric designed by Heather Ross. I don't think I can cut into it. It reminds me of my summers in Ophthalmology working on little froggies though. How cute is this little guy?! He looks so surprised!!

That's all for now, I'm afraid. Med. school is going to make my posts considerably shorter. But, thanks for your encouragement and your space looks great!!! I agree about the book shelves. Maybe paint the squares anyway and you can figure out where you want your book shelves after...then if you rearrange your furniture you'll still have squares in different spots? Hmm.... :) Is this laziness or overkill. I can't tell!

Can't wait to post more on the WIP quilt... if I ever get it done.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

About the House

Hey Mooser,

Another post! I finally feel like I can breathe again, and just in time for school.

There is much going on at the house. I am very excited to report that my "space" is almost finished; the only thing left is the closet, which is being framed.

I wanted to share some "before" pictures. It seems that I can only upload so many at a time.
As you know, the house was once used as a religious school. I met a woman at work that said she used to teach there, though couldn't remember the names of the classrooms. I believe my "space" is in St. Paul's classroom, though it could be St. Peter's. There is also a mystery classroom and I was told that I might be able to find answers at Notre Dam.

This is the room I finally decided on for my space. Its rival, now know as "the bee room" for its infestation, would make an excellent home theater, though this may be too expensive a project for our budget. I'm planning on dividing the space with a curtain. We have the rod in place across the ceiling and I have the curtains picked out. We'll see how it goes.

The light fixtures will definitely be replaced though sadly the ceiling will not. You can't tell from these photos but it is in pretty poor shape. Nothing a bit of paint won't fix, though. The squares outlined at right will eventually be painted with accent colors, as below. I'm still deciding whether or not I like them. I also havequite a few tall book shelves that will make some of the squares pointless. I was hoping that they would break up the color in such a large room.
There will be framed art or pictures in them.

We also have the downstairs bathroom complete. Before it was covered in butterflies, a sun and cloud motif as well as some V birds.
This bathroom is very hard to photograph because of the awkward shape and positioning of the door. After fixing the toilet, re-caulking and cleaning the shower, replacing the vanity, painting and putting down the floor (which is the faux-tile vinyl similar to what you have in your kitchen), I can say with finality that I am satisfied with the result.

Will post more as things happen. I know I should be spending my free time painting/renovating or knitting the blanket, but I read a Terry Pratchett book this weekend and it felt really good.
I hear you start classes tomorrow, so good luck! I know every one's been trying to psych you out, but I know you can do it. If you aren't feeling overwhelmed I may hit you up for some Human A&P help.


Busy, Busy!

Hey Mooser,

I'm glad to see you have a new quilt in the works! I am so impressed by how much you always seem to accomplish. I really love the fabrics you picked out, and I agree that the blocks look much more jazzy sideways. I can see the quilt with and without sashing, but either way I would pair it with dark and rich blues. I think that the calming blues would do a lot to balance the business of the fabrics and pattern. I love the coasters, too!

I enjoy the colors in the fabric that you picked out, and I approve your decision to use batiks for my SUPER AWESOME Enterprise quilt (from the pattern at right) that you promised me. And since this is the internet, you are forever bound by that promise!

I've grown a little weary of knitting, to be honest. I keep going on the blanket, but since the rest is a bit repetitive it is harder to see the progress that I am making. I have decided on the overall layout; now I just need to finish it. Since I've already missed both deadlines I set for myself I'm feeling a tad discouraged.

Since it's still technically a "surprise" I am posting only these images:

My cat Nermal enjoying a nap on the COMPLETELY FINISHED and pieced Center Panel and cabled border, and the beginnings of a side panel, done in honeycomb with two subtle cables running up either side (not pictured).

I hope to finish it soon, but lately my wrists and fingers have been sore. I do the test you showed me for carpel tunnel often and am getting much better with doing wrist exercises I was shown during employee orientation. Carpel tunnel is one of my biggest fears.

That's all for my knitting adventures. Expect a post on the status of the house.


p.s. I bet the rug cleaner I brought down to you is still by the front door, isn't it? Odoban will work in those things, just use it sparingly. I know there is a type of odoban (if not all odobans) that is anti- viral and microbial. It should take the smell out! I hear you made her an outdoor cat! That must be exciting. I continue to spoil and shelter my kitties.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finally! Some time to sew!

Beans! 2 posts in a weekend!! Sweet!!

OK, here's how my quilt is shaping up. Above is one of my blocks. I have no idea how I want it oriented, but I think they will be sewn "on point" to keep that diamond shape. I realized that my one Bali Pop set won't make the entire quilt I was planning, so I might just make a wall hanging or a small lap quilt. Or, I might have to order another set, I haven't decided.
The blocks are supposed to be oriented 90degrees counterclockwise from how this picure is, but I think I like them better sideways. I don't know! I think they need sashing so it's less busy; the pattern calls for more subdued prints with less contrast, so it doesn't call for sashing. What do you think? Sashing would make it larger...
GUESS WHAT ELSE! I made a cool drink coaster out of some of the scraps!
They're much prettier in person. The back is kind of funky isn't it? Still not sure how I feel about the diagonal line comin' outta the corner there...


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Follow the Berry Bliss Road

Hey Beans!

I have some exciting news! I broke down and bought a Hoffman's Bali Pop set of Batiks in Berry Bliss "flavor". It is beautiful. This will be the fabric I use to make my quilt this year, and I am so excited!!! The most awesome part? It's already cut!! Cutting is probably my least favorite part of quilting, so I'm pumped to try this out.

Fat Quarter Shop has a great selection of these Batik sets. I think I should make your Star Trek quilt (someday) out of Batiks. I think of you when I see them. They remind me of your color-filled style.

Speaking of... how is the color filled "Space" treating you?? Have you begun accessorizing yet? Are the walls looking ok? What about your accent color? Have you figured out how you'll be accenting? Can't wait to hear more about it!

I took some pics today of my older quilts today, and my sewing area, too! Stay tuned for some posts on my quilting journey. Woot.


PS - Annabelle has made the upstairs smell like a pet shop. She is evil. I might have to send her back to the farm. :( :( :( Why oh why must you pee everywhere, cat!?!?! I am banning her from the upstairs. She won't be sleeping with us until I can retrain her!! I know it's tough but this is getting insane!! Does anybody else have cat trouble?!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Quick Note

Hey Mooser,

I've been very busy getting the new house ready. We hope to move in by September, but that seems improbable.

The bee problem seems to be fixed, but there is still a lot of work. The color we picked for my space seems to be working well, but ran out of paint. The ceiling tiles in the basement have been replaced and the bathroom is now functional, which is very exciting. With everything we do the place smells less bad, so I guess we're doing good things.

I've been trying to divide my time evenly between the house and my knitting (must get both done!) but since I've been temporarily assigned a full time position in a new department,
I am trying to find enough energy for both these things. I may have chose the wrong hobby; last night I feel asleep while knitting. I chose to do two large-ish honeycomb panels for the blanket. I think it will be worth it, but the pattern takes a long time to knit.

After this I will make you your surprise! I am excited to see how it turns out, and I have dreams of doing the same project for a hospital fundraiser.

(I also had pictures but blogger seems reluctant to give me the chance to upload them.)

Happy crafting!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Earring Display and Placemat!

Hey Beans!

I'm excited to check out the house. You should send me a few pictures that you're using for inspiration for your color scheme! A new room to decorate will be fun stuff! I wish I could paint my walls... I hope you get to put some pictures up of your blanket soon; you're being too modest about your skills. You should tackle those ambitious projects you want to start!! Who cares how many unfinished ones you have... that's how this whole thing works I think! :) Plus, I need some pillows! ;)

A couple nights ago, John helped me with an earring display project! It was Mom's idea, and I'm excited because now I can have space to hang my necklaces, and I can open the door to get my studs out of the display. Woo! Before I had to take my display off the wall to do that. Before:And after!!
Also, I found a cool wall-hanging project that I want to use above the couch. I just have to decide on colors!! I love the Deja-Brew collection, too! But John keeps making fun of me for too much green and blue in the house. I might have to branch out, but I don't know if I should branch out with cool pastels, or brighter tones.... Decisions decisions!

And, before I sign out, I thought I'd share an unfinished project to inspire you. A placemat. Wow. I found this pattern in ... big surprise... an American Patchwork and Quilting magazine... and was inspired. So, I went to JoAnn's and accidentally bought enough fabric for.... 2 placemats instead of 4. And then... I had time to put together 1 out of the 2. And then... I've only appliqued 1/2 of the 1 placemat. Not looking good so far. I tried the blanket-stitch to add some embroidery embellishment to the applique, but I guess embroidery looks best when you use...ermm... embroidery thread. Haha! Here're some pics. Well, that's all for now. Can't wait to see you this weekend! Happy knitting.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Few Things..

First I wanted to say something about the title of our blog and the URL. We decided on Pins and Needles for our blog, but when it came time to choose a URL, pinsandneedles plus a few other variations were already in use. I typed in quiltsandqualms for a lack of anything better, then did a Google search and found a lovely craft blog called On Pins and Needles. The reason we were so set on using "Pins and Needles" was because of two things: my sister's status as a med student, and the fact that I deal mainly with needles and my sister with pins (and also needles). Quilts and Qualms is also appropriate, though, and I would be happy with using that as our title should we need an alternative. Mooser is our quilter and, while she might not have a current project, has quite a few incredible quilts to show for herself. I, on the other hand, am often too ambitious when it comes to picking my projects and often end up just complaining about the difficulties instead of resolving them, then move on to something else or run after a shiny thing. So! Whichever.

Now on to more interesting things.

I am currently working on a SUPER (no longer quite SECRET) knitting project for a friend and his wife. I missed their anniversary, the 26th, when I could have sworn that it was the 29th (which I've also missed). The current hold up is that I don't like the yarn I bought to finish the project after I ran out of my main color. I was too concerned with the color (white is so hard to match!) and also price and ended up with a yarn that does not lend itself to cabling. It looks fine enough, but I really want this project to be special, so it is again on hold until I can get hold of some white yarn of the same brand. Lesson learned.

In the mean time, I am once again planning too many projects when I am not ready to start anything other than the blanket.

I have a few follow up projects to the blanket, mostly pillows. One involves a lot of work with color and the other a lot of work with cables. More details when/if I decide to do them and get around to designing them.

I have a huge list of bookmarked patterns that I want to try in the future. When I have more energy I will probably link to the patterns but most are from the incredibly talented people listed at right.

I was hoping to post a few pictures of all the yarn that I have, too, but my computer refuses to read my storage disk. I have a lot of blues and greens that I wanted to show you, plus some colors that I hope to use in another project I wish to try just for you! I think it will look wonderful in your study next to your microbes.

As to your last post, I liked the Nature-ology fabrics but was drawn more to their Deja Brew collection. It reminded me of you and the light blues would work well in your living room. Your drawing is not stupid, but lovely. I think the design is simple, elegant and not too girly for the beau. Your house is so darling, and I can't wait to see how everything settles out. I am jealous. As for the house I will be moving into in maybe a month and a half, it'll do. I am still worrying about colors and how things will be situated.

I think I've just about rambled enough! More organized post some other time when I have less things to say.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Too many projects...

Dear Beans,

I'm pumped to start blogging with you! I hope people will find our puny little lives interesting. ;) I figured that maybe I could start off by sharing a little bit about what kind of projects I want to start. Being in a new home certainly presents plenty of opportunities for projects....

For starters, I have to make a new bedspread!! I want something modern, simple, but pretty. And, of course it can't be too girly or the bf won't be very appreciative. This is my stupid drawing of my idea.

Also, my furniture really needs some throw pillows. *GLORIOUS throw pillows!!* I have one that I keep bringing with me from couch to couch to chair, haha. I want something inspired by Nature-ology fabric, I think! :) One of my new fav's.

And of course, The Quilts. I've picked out a-jillion designs that I want to start on, but of course, I don't want to spend money on fabric right now. I do, however, have a great pile of Earth-tone fabrics that I need to find something to do with...

So, what do you think? Got any cool ideas for Earthy fabric?


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Post!

Coming Soon: Joint Blog about Knitting and Quilting written by two awesome sisters!