Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Days, Creative Outlets, and Updates!


Today, I write a post in memory of our dear porch cat, Concernicus.
While it's true that he was not MY cat, but a wild beast, we had some good times together on the porch. He died a warrior's death. RIP, Concernicus.

While I haven't crafted in a really long time, I have been immersing myself in creative processes. As you wrote earlier, I have been engaged and planning a wedding! I can't believe it's already been 9 months! I have a lot of things together, color scheme (ish), a wedding dress, cupcake ideas, flower ideas, centerpiece ideas.... but nothing is set in stone and I keep fearing that all my visions and inspirations will never result in a physical result!

However, I've been checking wedding blogs for months and months now, as well as Etsy treasuries and inspiration boards, collecting pictures and virtual things to obsess over and wish for. So! Needless to say, I'm getting excited about seeing how things turn out!

Now that my vision for the reception has sort of materialized, my latest hobby is daydreaming about my nonexistent wedding registry!! J and I can't possibly fit even so much as a lemon zester into our overflowing tiny kitchen cupboards - but a girl can dream. :) I'm imagining a future home that looks like a cross between Better Homes and Gardens layout spreads and the front page of Crate and Barrel. *sigh*

Yesterday morning, my scouring of Etsy led me to try my own hand at creating treasuries! If you're a member of Etsy, and you enjoy looking at pages and pages of cool stuff, I really encourage you to check out treasuries - so much fun! And, being the vain sort of person who imagines that somebody will read a blog that only gets posted every 3 months, and who believes my wedding will somehow be the creative, DIY Event Of The Year, I naturally want my treasuries to go to the front page of Etsy! So please look for my treasuries "Splish Splash!" which is composed of things I would LOVE to have in my imaginary bathroom, and "Writer's Block", which just seemed like a cool theme for a collection. :)

Maybe I'll make a treasury for Concernicus.


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